A] Delivery by post

Products will be mailed as soon as possible. If an item is out of stock, we will contact you immediately.

Domestic letter charges are:  

50g        1.80 € / letter

250g      2.80 € / letter

500g      5.60 € / letter

Domestic parcel charges are:  

2kg         8.50 € / parcel

5kg        10.90 € / parcel

10kg      11.50 € / parcel

15kg      14.90 € / parcel

30kg      20.90 € / parcel

To foreign delivery will be calculated by weight and customers will be contacted after the weight has been calculated. For example, under 250g, 2.80€ /letter.

B] Returns and Exchanges

You are welcome to return or exchange your items in 14 days after receiving the goods.  All returned merchandise must be sent in its original package, and in a completely unaltered state. Please inform us before you return your package, our post address is Suutarintie 30 C 6, FIN-96900 Saarenkylä, Finland.

If ordering different items in exchange for the items you are returning, please pay for the postage. We are not responsible for postage on exchange items.